About RR-Properties

Double-R Capital Management Inc. manages a wide range of privately owned properties in Texas, California, Arizona and North Carolina. We specialize in full service office properties, flex properties (office/warehouses) but also offer retail space, residential houses, recreational leases and vacation properties for daily or weekly rentals. Our properties are closely managed and maintained with nice curb appeal providing our tenants with a positive place to do business or a refreshing place to relax.

This site is intended to help our prospective customers learn about our product offerings and to offer our existing customers an easy way to communicate with us, check out their account balances and pay online.

Our strategy is to earn your business by offering a better than market product with faster service and more flexible leasing terms. We manage all of our properties with long-range focus and a positive environmental footprint.


Leadership: At Double-R Capital Management, Inc, you receive prompt quality service that you expect from an owner-based company. Our company is always evolving and endorses new technology where possible in an effort to keep costs down which ultimately benefits our customers.

Responsiveness:  We are a solely owned real estate company with no corporate bureaucracy and a flat organization.  We can make decisions quickly on leasing terms or improvements or repairs needed. We are backed by a set of vendors who are equally committed to a fast response time for your needs.

Satisfied Customers: At Double-R Capital Management, Inc., we understand that word of mouth recommendation is the most effective form of advertizing available.  As such, we strive for your satisfaction and are committed to resolve issues promptly and fairly. We are proud to serve you and will go the extra distance to earn your business.

Value: Our corporate marketing strategy is to provide a more competitive product with faster service than our competition at the market price.

Honesty:  We are running an honest business and you can expect for us to treat your business with the same respect.  We expect our customers to take care of our properties so that we can keep our rates down for each business property.  There are no hidden fees and you can expect to get your deposits returned promptly upon full lease completion with the property in its original condition.

Teamwork: We make it our responsibility to know you and your business. We work closely with you to ensure that the space and lease options you choose will provide the best chances for your ongoing business success.


Our owner grew up in the Arizona deserts and came to Dallas to attended college.  He graduated from SMU’s engineering school and began investing in Texas Real Estate in 1983. Today, our portfolio includes over 11 commercial buildings in the Dallas Fort Worth, Texas market, 2300 acres of ranch land in and two residential homes Kaufman Texas, plus 4 daily vacation rentals in 4 states.

Our flagship vacation property is our luxury mountain home on a private 27 Acre nature preserve among the coastal redwoods in Los Gatos, California (www.vrbo.com/597998 ). We also offer daily rental of an old time cabin right on the East Verde river near Payson, Arizona (VRBO TBD) which is great to get out of the Phoenix heat and hike the endless trails of the Tonto national forest while falling asleep with the gentle sound of an ageless river running out your back window.  We also offer daily rentals on two of our Double-R Ranch remote home sites, which are great for enhanced family time.  Both offer a private lake stocked with large-mouth bass and canoes with great fishing, trails for hikes, horse or 4 wheelers rides through our native hardwood stands in a serene private ranch setting all within a 1 hour commute from Dallas or Richardson.

Our owners loves all trees with his favorites being post oaks, southern live oaks, valley oaks and redwoods.  As such, when you or your customers visit our properties, you will see our landscaping differs from our competitors.  By extensively planting native trees and flora on our properties, we believe we are adding to aesthetics, drive up appeal, and comforting shade while reducing long term landscape costs like water usage and pruning. These costs savings are passed on to our tenants.

We hope this website has sufficiently communicated our sincere desire to earn your long-term business, whether to help you grow your business or relax in a natural setting with your family.  We look forward to earning your business.



2714 West Kingsley, Suite H

Garland, TX 75041

(214) 264-2628