Merrell Business Park

Merrell Business Park

Merrell Rd. & Ables Ln
Dallas, Texas 75050

Property Description

The Merrell Business Park offers a convenient location to run your business in suites sizes ranging from 750 sf to 4000 sf of which the most common size is 1500 sf. The property has easy access to I-35E, LBJ/I-635 and the Harry Hines industrial area. Most suites in this property feature a air conditioned reception area with an office space in the front of the building and a curb high overhead door access to the side of the office entrance door. The property also features smaller offices with good email connections. Warehouse space is 14 feet to 16 feet tall. Heating is provided by natural gas to reduce heating costs. Each Suite is separately electrically metered. Some suites have built in snack kitchens and showers. Each tenant is allowed to install an electrically backlight sign over the entrance to their suite. Signs must conform to the new standard for size and shape. The Merrell Properties are a smart place to start or grow your business.

The Merrell Properties are centrally located in Central West Dallas North of Walnut Hill lane on the corner of Merrell Road and Ables Lane. This business park also has easy access to Harry Hines Blvd. Addresses: 2505, 2521 and 2529 Merrell Rd, Dallas Texas 75229.

Units for Lease

Unit Type Building Address Size Rent Deposit Floorplan
 Flex Space11144 Ables Lane1,100Not AvailableNot Available View
 Flex Space11144 Ables Ln2,000Not AvailableNot Available View
 Flex Space11144 Ables Lane3,000Not AvailableNot Available View
 Flex Space2505 Merrell Rd4,020Not AvailableNot Available  
 101Flex Space2521 Merrell Rd1,500Not AvailableNot Available View
 102Flex Space2521 Merrell Rd1,500Not AvailableNot Available View
 103Flex Space2521 Merrell Rd1,500$1,000$0.00 View
 103Flex Space2521 Merrell Rd Ste 1041,500Not AvailableNot Available View
 105Flex Space2521 Merrell Rd1,500$1,000$1,000.00 View
 106Flex Space2521 Merrell Rd1,500$1,000$1,000.00 View
 101Flex Space2529 Merrell Rd1,600Not AvailableNot Available View
 102Flex Space2529 Merrell Rd1,600Not AvailableNot Available View
 102Residential2529 Merrell Rd Ste 1031,600$1,065$1,065.00 View
 104Flex Space2529 Merrell Rd1,600Not AvailableNot Available View
 105Flex Space2529 Merrell Rd1,000Not AvailableNot Available View
 Flex Space2529 Merrell Rd3,200Not AvailableNot Available  
 CFlex Space2529 Merrell Rd2,000Not AvailableNot Available  

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